At HORNSKOV we take pride in using nothing but the finest materials.
Every component that goes into each hat, has been carefully selected and serves a purpose.
Everything has been thoroughly tested and optimised to achieve the best possible result.
Nothing is accidental.

Our felt

Beaver blend

Is a blend of Argentinian hare & Canadian beaver.
Combining beaver fur with the fur from wild hare makes an exellent felt. The density of the beaver fibres and the softness of the hare, creates a very strong, yet soft and pliable felt. It is highly weather resilient and will stand the test of time.

Pure beaver

Beaver is by far the best material for felt making. The unique qualities of the beaver hair fibres makes the material extremely strong and weather resilient.
Finished the right way, pure beaver will be super smooth to the touch & can get an almost silk like finish.

Dress weight

Dress weight is used when making classic dress hats, such as fedoras. It is a soft and pliable material that has a vintage feel to it and makes a great snap brim.
This is also used to make bowlers & homburgs, but in those cases stiffener is added to make the felt more rigid.

Western weight

Western weight is a heavier and more rigid material, generally used for cowboy hats but also makes a great general outdoors hat, as it can really take a lot of wear and tear.
If you want something with a wide brim, this is the best option.


Our hats are fitted with the most comfortable roanskin sweatbands you'll ever experience. The leather is tanned to our specifications to get a super smooth and subtle feel to the touch and every sweatband is hand rolled for extra comfort.


The hatband hides the stitching from the sweatband, but also gives the hat personality & character.
We have a wide variety of different hatbands to choose from, including modern & vintage grosgrain ribbons, leather belts, woven fabric hatbands and vintage fabric trimmings. 


The lining of a hat is there to protect the felt against sweat and grease from your head, which is why our linings are meticulously hand sewn into each hat. This way the lining can easily be replaced, without damaging the felt, which is the case when a lining is glued in.

we only use

Wild fur

We are very concious about the materials we use for our hats.
Not only does wild fur make a better felt, it also has a lower impact on the environment.