Our story

HORNSKOV is a small family business founded in 2015 by Cathrine & Peter Hornskov. 
Peter had always had a fascination with hats and hat history, so at a turning point in his life he made it his mission to bring back the lost art of hatmaking.

With nowhere to learn, Peter spent several years taking fine vintage hats apart, uncovering techniques and discovering methods of recreating quality hats on par with the best hats ever made. 

Using nothing but the finest materials, every Hornskov hat is still meticulously handcrafted in Denmark by Peter himself.   

Today HORNSKOV serves a worldwide clientele and Cathrine goes to great lengths to deliver the best possible service, ensuring that the journey of acquiring a fine custom hat is a great experience.

If you have any questions, please visit our FAQs or reach us here.

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